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Watchful Eyes Lanyard!

Watchful Eyes Lanyard!

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This is a lanyard that measures approximately 16" by 3/4". The functional inner circumference is 28". (This is how much space there is to fit your head.)

☆ヾ(*´・∀・)ノ ILLUSTRATED BY US! ヾ(・∀・`*)ノ☆
All artwork you find on our site is illustrated by either Sam or Ickah, part of BoldEgoist's dynamic duo!

ヾ(´・ω・)ノ゛DOUBLE CLASP ヾ(・ω・`)ノ
This lanyard hosts both a lobster clasp and a clip-on "lariat" style loop. The clip-on attachment can host an acrylic charm, lost-item finder, a few keys, or something similarly lightweight! We recommend sticking your con badge onto the lobster clasp to avoid it being lost or detached.

Avoid attaching heavy or unwieldly items to the lanyard - both for the lanyard, and for your neck! If it weighs more than 1lb, it can really strain you. Hand-wash in warm water and air dry.

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