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GONST Blind Bag [Series 2]

GONST Blind Bag [Series 2]

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Hand packaged blind bag containing one of six illustrations on a 2 INCH Vinyl Sticker.
The sticker is UV and water resistant, but not made specifically for vehicles, so it may leave a gummy residue if left to the elements.

Ships in a bubble mailer from around Detroit, MI. To celebrate the tiktok shop opening, all purchases currently have a 1-day turnaround (keep in mind USPS doesn't post mail on Sundays!)

All sales are final. If the post wrecks your order or something, please let us know and we'll try to work with you, but we may ask you to cover the cost of shipping.

If you made it this far, let me tell you a little more about these stickers! I originally made them as a joke but my friends and I are literally obsessed with how stupid they look. My partner and I have been selling at cons for years, and since we've brought these designs into the fold we've had a lot of very funny and cursed (/pos) interactions around them. We're so excited to launch these in sticker form, hehe.

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