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Clearance Masks!

Clearance Masks!

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There's nothing wrong with these masks - we're just not huge on how the colors look on them (as pictured) so we're putting them on clearance to make room for cooler stuff!

Rather than cotton, these masks are made of a flexible polyester blend. The printed area of the mask is a thin layer of foam, making it more flexible and comfortable to wear. We recommend not folding the foam part of the mask to avoid creasing. The printing on it is immersion-style, meaning that its color holds up well through washes!

SIZING INFO: Attached in the last photo, you can see that all masks are approximately 4.5" tall and 6" wide when flat. This is standard size for most dust-style masks! The vertical stretch can go to about 6" and the horizonal to 7". We're currently looking into stocking larger/wider sizes for a taller/deeper fit.

>>UPDATE: Although we don't have them in different sizes yet, we've moved to a new assembly method that puts the elastic seam under the chin rather than behind the ear. This makes the ear straps a little more spacious - you'll see in the second and third image that Ickah has pinned the straps so that they fit comfortably around her tiny baby head. If you'd like us to include a couple of safety pins so you can make an easy adjustment at home, let us know in a note alongside your order and we'll add them for you!

**IMPORTANT** For your safety, please wash the mask in hot water with a small amount of soap or detergent before wearing! We would like to prewash these for our customers, but we're not able to due to allergen concerns. You should always do this with ANY face or eye mask you purchase before wearing!

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