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Catboy Jail Candy Bag Charms!

Catboy Jail Candy Bag Charms!

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Yeah this is just a massive shitpost about our favorite OT3 LMAO. The text on the back varies from character to character!


These "candy bag" charms are comprised of a thick, flexible plastic for the outer bag, and a solid acrylic (as you see for standard charms) for the inner pieces. The outer bag is made from a thick, durable, transparent plastic - think of the plastic used for ID wallets, or clear umbrellas! While the amount of air in the bag varies from charm to charm, there's no concern with overfilling - the charms are fine to give a firm, satisfying squeeze to without worrying about it popping on you. The catboy set is unique in that the acrylics have double-sided printing on them: you can flip them around and see their little cat butts! Some of the characters may get flipped backwards while in transit, which is a relatively easy fix. (It's a bit of a brain teaser, but if you flip the charm using gravity instead of shaking it, you should get there within a few minutes.) The charms measure approximately 3" wide, and have enough air that they probably won't fit comfortably inside of an itabag, but will look awesome hanging off the side!


As these are a prototype product, some of them have minor flaws! It's mostly stuff that won't impact the overall joy of the charm
>>>B GRADE: Some of them have an imperfect seal on the inside, so they're a weird shape. Those are slightly discounted to make up for any shortened lifespan! I don't recommend that you get this one for an itabag, but it should be fine on a moodboard. ^^
>>>F GRADE: "F" being for "flat" instead of "failure" - these ones still have air inside of them, but they're flat enough that you should be able to fit them in an itabag. No discount given on these, but they're graded differently specifically for the itabaggers out there <3


All candy bag charms will be shipped in a box to ensure product integrity. We've purchased slightly larger boxes so that they can also ship nestled safely inside of a print - if you wanted some of those, as well! PLEASE NOTE: We have not yet stress tested these for heat, so we may make these unavailable over the summer to avoid damage in transit from high temperatures.

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