Collection: Masks!

Our masks are illustrated in-house by Ickah and Sam, and formatted in such a way that those with mouths will move as you talk. These masks are rated as dust masks, and are not equipped with a filter or a filter pocket, but can be worn over a KN-95 or a surgical mask so that you can express yourself while taking precautions! The printing process is immersion-style, so it is resistant to fade over multiple washes.

All masks are approximately 4.5" tall and 6" wide when flat. This is standard size for most dust-style masks! The vertical stretch can go to about 6" and the horizonal to 7".

For your safety, please wash the mask in hot water with a small amount of soap or detergent before wearing! We would like to prewash these for our customers, but we're not able to due to allergen concerns. You should always do this with ANY face or eye mask you purchase before wearing!

Masks have become extremely expensive to design and manufacture since the pandemic, so our pricing has had to raise to reflect that. Having said that, we also understand that folks who would benefit the most from having access to these might not be able to swing it. That's cool! If you are immunocompromised or otherwise on a fixed income, please feel free to use code COMPROMISE at checkout to reduce the cost of all masks by 50%.