Collection: Dangle Charms!

Dangle charms are made of multiple printed acrylic pieces hooked together by metal rings, also known as "jump rings." When you swing it, the bottom part wiggles and jumps!

Double epoxy finishes are on each one of our dangle charms, giving it an additional domed layer of protective plastic. This makes our charms both thicker and more durable, which we felt was necessary considering the active nature of these products!

Jump rings are made out of ductile metals so that if your charm catches on something, it's more likely to break the easily replaceable metal ring than the unique acrylic pieces. You can get more jump rings here, or by looking up "jump ring kit" on your shopping app of choice. If you'd rather avoid it breaking in the first place, we recommend storing your charm within an itabag, on a pegboard, or in a similar place where it's unlikely to catch on other accessories.

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